Monday, May 25, 2009

You can't blog on a desk top

So I figured out why I don't update my blog that much. Actually there are a few reasons...D-Cool (9), M-Cool(7) & C-Cool (3) - mainly C-Cool. But the other barriers to blogging are remembering my log in (Those E-mail reminders don't help if you can't remember that random E-mail account that you set up to start the blog. I could have sworn I wrote it down somewhere - I finally found it today) and being on a desk top in a chaotic office where 3 year-old's like to come in an pull monitors off the desk. There is no way that any other mom blogs except on a lap top. Solution. I need a lap top!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Cool Living Day

Another "Cool" Day. C-Cool had his 2nd endoscopy today. I tell ya, another cool thing about C-Cool - he rolls with what the day brings him. We were suppose to be at the hospital at 6:00. I dreamt that I slept through my alram and we missed the whole thing. That didn't exactly happen but I did sleep through my alarm and woke up right at 5:52 - that was just enough time to get dressed, brush teeth, get Chase and head out the door to arrive at the hospital Valet at 6:02. I contributed to Earth Day by not wasting water on a silly shower!

All C-Cool cared about was that they had kid sized chairs to move around and that there were lots of ladies in pretty colored outfits to look at. They called his name to go back to a room and the cutest nurse came out to get him. She says "are you ready to see your toys?" and he went running in while I was gathering up the stroller, the diaper back, the blanket, my purse etc....

He greated the nurses station with a smile and a wave! He had the whole place captivated!

The same anesthesiologist that did his first endo in 2007 was there for this one. She didn't think he needed pre-op anesthesia (the stuff that makes everybody puke) and decided he should ride to his procedure in a yellow, electric Hummer! He loved it! He was working so hard to push the gas pedal, he didn't even look back. He had 3 people guiding the car with 2 other people acting as traffic directors

So with all that - the procedure took 19 minutes and the initial report is that everything looks "normal" which is great but does not give us an answer as to why he continues to stick his hand down his throat to make himself vomit. Biopsies come back next week with more conclusive information. We can do a motility test on the esophogus if we want to - another test that requires anesthesia and money.

H woke up great, he was a little cranky but he did great! Once he woke up enough to be release, he rode out of the hospital in a little red wagon. He was so happy! It was 9:00 a.m.

I needed a nap!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dinner tonight

You know what I love about C-Cool not being able to talk... he doesn't give me alot of verbal feed back! He may let me know his displeasure by throwing his food across the table but he doesn't scream it in my ear like others I know.

Tonight we had:
  • Sauted scallops (wrapped in bacon - but that didn't really work out so they were just sauted scallops - sauted w/ bacon)
  • Polenta (A.K.A corn meal mush - but polenta sounds so fancy)
  • Wilted Spinach - topped with more bacon - you can' t go wrong with bacon!

This is usually a crowd pleaser - It is gluten-free, dairy free and iron rich (spinach).

Tonight the girls hated it but, as usual, C-Cool ate every bite!

I hope he sleeps through the night!


My brother talked me into starting a blog today.

There it is started!